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NSW Cell & Developmental Biology Meeting

31/Mar/2014, Lowy Cancer Research Centre
The University of New South Wales
Randwick NSW 2052, Australia  
Confirmed plenary seminars: 

Professor Denise Montell, UCSB, USA
"Life, Death and Resurrection at the Cellular Level"

Professor Freddy Radtke, EPFL, Switzerland
"Notch: Lineage Specifier, Stem Cell Gatekeeper, Oncogene and Tumor Suppressor"

Dr Megan Wilson, University of Otago, New Zealand
"The Evolution of Developmental Pathways: From Honeybees to Sea Squirts"

This annual ANZSCDB state meeting is an excellent opportunity to highlight the exciting work of Australia's young cell and developmental biologists, with oral presentations by postgraduate students (PhD and Honours) and postdocs complementing presentations by the two senior scientists hosted by the 2014 Hunter Meeting ( 

Postdocs and PhD students will be chosen from abstracts to present a 15 minute talk 
Prizes will be awarded to the best talks and posters

Free registration and abstract submission 

Submission deadline: 1 March 2014

Contact the ANZSCDB state representatives:
Annemiek Beverdam ( or Matthew Naylor (