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ANU Medical School Revue

07/May/2014, ANU Arts Centre, Union Court, Acton 2601.   
The Medical Revue, performed live over four nights, has become a favourite event in the ANU med school calendar, celebrating its eighth year in 2014. Breaking from the traditional ‘sketch show’ format of faculty revues elsewhere, the ANU Med Revue has created its own unique style, following a themed storyline into which songs, dances, sketches – and of course many jokes! – are incorporated. The show has been a sell-out success for the last seven years, and in 2012 nabbed the Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Award for Best Original Work. It is entirely written, produced, directed, choreographed, managed and performed each year by medical students from all four year levels at the ANU Medical School.
The Revue enables students to showcase their hidden musical and creative talents (and/or make complete fools of themselves in front of their peers!).

This year the profits from ticket sales will be donated to the Children’s Medical Research institute. The funds raised will be used in the purchase of a new PCR Thermal Cycler. The CMRI relies on donations from the community to improve equipment and fund research and education.  Furthermore, money that is raised through the sales of food and drinks at the show are donated to the EnSIGN Fiji Village Project, an ANU initiative that aims to promote healthy life in the South Pacific region.

This year’s production, Caecal Weapon 2: The Rise of Salmonella, will be showing from 7th-10th May 2014 at the ANU Arts Centre, Union Court, Acton 2601. 

Tickets are available online via 
Student $20
Non-Student $30

If you require further information please e-mail: