Finding cures for children's genetic diseases

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...together we can find cures for children's genetic diseases


A Message From Our Director:

Most babies are born healthy, but sadly 1 in 20 children is born with a birth defect or genetic disease. On average, that’s one in every classroom. If that seems too many, then I invite you to join us in helping cure children's genetic diseases.

There have already been many major advances in children's health that have resulted from medical research. Research is why children no longer suffer from polio, why we don’t get smallpox, and why diphtheria is a fading memory in Australia. The results of medical research are everywhere and many of us are alive and healthier today because of them.

Medical research is what we do at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI). We are a research organisation that is respected internationally for the significant medical advances we have made over the past 60 years – that have most likely helped someone you know.

But we need your help to do so much more. There are far too many children with health problems that medical research could solve.

"As researchers, we do not accept that any disease is too hard to understand, or that any problem is too difficult to overcome. What we recognise, though, is that it takes time and money. It is a journey with many steps, and we need your support to accelerate those steps."

Please become a supporter of CMRI today – so we can support every parent’s hope for a healthy child – and help us create a future without serious childhood diseases.

Lorimer Dods Professor and Director of CMRI,  Roger Reddel