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Qing Zhong Group Leader, ProCan Cancer Data Science

Dr Qing Zhong (Dipl., MSc, Dr. sc. ETHZ) is Group Leader for Cancer Data Science at CMRI and a conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. He completed his undergraduate study in computer science and a PhD in biochemistry and computer science at ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich, Switzerland.
He was awarded the ProMedica Stiftung for his post-doctoral training at University of Zurich, and was then appointed as a senior data scientist at University Hospital Zurich (USZ). Prior to joining CMRI, Dr Zhong was responsible for the analysis of biomedical data at the USZ and implemented a clinical big data system for consolidating genomic, clinical and demographic information into a unified model for precision and data-driven medicine. His research interests include big cancer data analysis, machine learning, and computational biology.
Major focuses of the Cancer Data Science Group are: big proteogenomic data mining and management; the genome-proteome association analysis and multi-omic data integration for studying cancer; development of advanced statistical tools to account for batch effects caused by large-scale, high throughput proteomics, and implementation of big data-driven, evidence-based computational tools to achieve predictive, preventive, personalised medicine.