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Brett Tully Group Leader, ProCan Software Engineering

Dr Brett Tully, DPhil (Oxon), BEng (Mech, Hons), BSci (Maths), is Group Leader of the ProCan Software Engineering team. As lead engineer, he is responsible for management of the ProCan digital pipeline.

He completed undergraduate training at the University of Queensland, earning first class honours in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics — with a primary focus on using applied maths and computer models to answer questions about the physical world.

In 2006, he was awarded a prestigious Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship to study for a DPhil (PhD) in Biomedical Engineering. Awarded in 2010, his DPhil investigated how fluid and tissue interact in the brain.

Through this novel research, he applied mathematical models from the oil and gas industry to understand the flow and obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid from generation at the capillaries to reabsorption into the blood stream. The models produced are of value to understanding many of the cerebral diseases of old age and the work continues at University College London under a grant for investigating dementia.

In 2011, he was a member of the founding team of First Light Fusion, a company spun out of the University of Oxford. Together, they built a highly valuable company of 30 talented scientists, both experimental and theoretical, developing and commercialising intellectual property for fusion energy generation.

Dr Tully’s love for working with a highly talented team who are genuine experts at what they do, and interest in turning cutting edge technology into products that solve tangible real-world challenges, drew him to the ProCan project.

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