Finding cures for children's genetic diseases

About Us

Lead Researchers

Roger Reddel


Patrick Tam

Deputy Director and Head, Embryology Unit

Ian Alexander

Head, Gene Therapy Research Unit

Phil Robinson

Head, Cell Signalling Unit

Tracy Bryan

Head, Cell Biology Unit

Robyn Jamieson

Head, Eye Genetics Unit

Hilda Pickett

Head, Telomere Length Regulation Unit

Tony Cesare

Head, Genome Integrity Unit

Leszek Lisowski

Group Leader, Translational Vectorology & Manager, Vector and Genome Engineering Facility

Mark Graham

Group Leader, Synapse Proteomics

Pengyi Yang

Group Leader, Computational Systems Biology

Anai Gonzalez Cordero

Group Leader, Stem Cell Medicine and Stem Cell & Organoid Facility

Rosemary Balleine

Co-Group Leader, ProCan Oncology Group

Qing Zhong

Group Leader, ProCan Cancer Data Science

Sandra Cooper

Adjunct Research Scientist

Wendy Gold

Adjunct Research Scientist

Peter Hains

Team Leader, ProCan Laboratory