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Born in Alice Springs, it took 7 long months to diagnose the cancer in Freddy’s thigh. After his surgery, Freddy would spend two years in and out of hospital; his little body enduring 15 months of intense and painful chemotherapy.
We now know that Freddy’s story might have been very different if the revolutionary new ‘ProCan®’ cancer test had been available then.

When Freddy was just two weeks old, his mum Kate took him to her GP, because she was concerned that a lump Freddy had in his upper leg at birth had changed. The GP sent them to Adelaide to test Freddy’s tumour—it would be the first of many trips.
The lump continued to change, and Kate continued to worry. 

Nobody wants to believe a child has cancer and as much as I hoped for good news, I had a feeling something was wrong. - Kate, Freddy's Mum
Sadly, Kate was right. Freddy’s cancer—a malignant infantile fibrosarcoma—would take seven months and multiple tests to diagnose. Had the ProCan® test been available then, they might have diagnosed this very difficult case of cancer within 36 hours.
Unfortunately, the delay in diagnosis would prove especially costly for Freddy.
During the seven months it took to accurately diagnose his cancer, Freddy’s tumour grew to a size that would need more than just surgery: he would now need months of intense chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a lot for a little baby’s body to take.
Today, the specialised unit at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) known as ProCan (from the Proteome of Cancer), is developing a ground-breaking test to help doctors better diagnose the precise type of cancer in each patient within 36 hours.
Our goal is to develop this test for every child who needs it. But to reach our goal, we’re going to need help. Your kindness will help to improve the speed and accuracy of cancer diagnoses. This could have made a remarkable difference to a child like Freddy. The ProCan® test might have saved Freddy seven invaluable months of delays in his treatment. You can help parents get answers in just 36 hours.

Your support is powerful. By choosing to become a ProCan supporter, you will be helping to give more children, like Freddy, a fast, accurate cancer diagnosis and the confidence that the recommended treatment is the most effective known for that tumour type. 

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    Donating just $30 will help us analyse new data from our cancer screens, potentially identifying exciting new directions for research.

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    Donating just $50 will allow us to combine our information with existing knowledge on DNA and cancer treatments as we work toward creating a tool doctors can one day use to choose the most effective cancer treatment.

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    Donating just $80 will cover the cost of chemicals needed for processing a cancer sample never before analysed in this way. Every additional sample gets us closer to revolutionising cancer diagnosis and treatment.