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Telomerase-Targeted Therapy

Cancer kills more Australian children aged 4-14 than any other disease.

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Dr Scott Cohen at Children’s Medical Research Institute is conducting world-leading research into new cancer treatments based on blocking Telomerase, which could help almost ALL types of cancer and have fewer side effects than the harsh treatments used today.

In most cancers, an enzyme called ‘Telomerase’ is responsible for causing the cells to multiply out of control and become ‘immortal’. This abnormal cell growth can invade surrounding tissues or spread to other parts of the body.

Blocking Telomerase has been shown to stop cancer cells from growing in the laboratory.

Our goal is to develop telomerase blockers that act as safe anti-cancer drugs. Your support is vital as this work currently receives no government funding.


Josh’s story

Every child’s journey is very different; the type of cancer, the treatment needed, the long-term effects of treatment can all vary. Josh's is just one example of how a brain tumour can upend a family...

When Josh was just a few months old, his mum, Kylie, noticed he wasn’t feeding properly. Concerned that something wasn’t quite right, she took him to hospital. And that’s when doctors told her the news that would change their lives.

I fell apart when the ward clerk asked if I was okay. My baby boy had a tumour the size of a mandarin in his head."  - Kylie, Josh's Mum

Josh would have to undergo surgery immediately. His parents were told he may not survive.

Josh endured seven surgeries within nine months, and still has many challenges ahead of him. Josh has been left with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

He has been diagnosed with Level 3 Autism, meaning he has severe deficits in verbal and nonverbal social communication skills, and minimal response in social situations.
To help children (and adults) with many different types of cancers whose only option currently is to endure harsh drug treatments, please support Dr Scott Cohen’s work to find safer, better targeted and more effective treatments.

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    Your donation of $40 buys essential laboratory supplies, like pipette tips, required daily to keep experiments going.

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    Your donation of $60 gives us 1 hour of advanced microscope use to see what happens to cancer cells where telomerase is inhibited.

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    Your donation of $80 allows us to extract cancer DNA to determine how our telomerase inhibitors are killing cancer cells.