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Time is one of the greatest barriers to fighting childhood cancer

At CMRI we are taking a very different approach to fighting cancer, which is to focus on a feature that almost all cancers have in common: the ability of their cells to multiply an unlimited number of times.

We know that about 85% of all cancers (childhood and adult) depend on an enzyme called telomerase to multiply out of control. And we discovered that most of the remaining cancers depend on something called ALT.

What this means for children living with cancer is that we are on the right path to finding potential new treatments for the vast majority of all cancers. That’s because the scientists in our telomere research teams are working towards development of treatments that block both telomerase and ALT.

None of us need any reminder about how important the fight against cancer is, because cancer touches all of us – ourselves, family members, and close friends. Sadly, one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Chris Hart would be the first to tell you how important cancer research is. Just when Chris was about to return to work after finishing treatment for testicular cancer, his son Ryan was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Chris says, “I’d always looked at cancer as an old person’s illness. But racing Ryan to Melbourne in an ambulance at 1.00am, it really hit me. He was only three. It breaks your heart.” Ryan underwent treatment for the next three years, and despite all the chemotherapy, needles and lumbar punctures, his spirits rarely flagged. He even started school.

To celebrate Ryan’s cure last October, the Harts’ seven-member team, Ridin’ 4 Rhino (Ryan’s nickname) participated in CMRI’s inaugural Great Cycle Challenge, and were the top fundraisers. This year, they intend to do even better.
So what do we need to do next and how can your support help?

We now believe we have the greatest concentration of telomere researchers in a non-profit research organisation anywhere in the world and will soon open our new purpose-built ACRF Telomere Analysis Centre. It will greatly accelerate the work of our four telomere research teams, and the external teams that collaborate with us, and allow us to analyse cancer cells in ways that are currently not possible.
In business, it’s often said that time equals money. At CMRI, it’s a little different. To us, money reduces time.

We still need a further $70,000 to help complete the set-up of the ACRF Telomere Analysis Centre. You can be assured that 100% of your donation will go towards research.

We need the computer and man power to help analyse the huge amount of data generated, without which progress will be much slower, discoveries could go unmade.
Your support today with a kind gift will be instrumental in taking the vital next steps.

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